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Top Finishers

January 17-18, 2004


1st place: San Benito Bladerunners
2nd place: McAllen Untouchables
3rd place: Houston Elite
4th place: RGV Capital Punishment
5th place: Weslaco Express

March 20-21, 2004


1st place: Houston Storm
2nd place: Dallas Prime Time
3rd place: Houston Titans
4th place: Houston Texas Heat
5th place: Carrollton Free Agents

April 3-4, 2004

CIFFL Challenge - Dallas

1st place: Dallas Prime Time
2nd place: Carrollton Free Agents
3rd place: Houston Storm
4th place: Plano Not For Hire
5th place: Houston Rage

April 24-25, 2004

Battle on the Brazos - Bryan

T-1st place: Dallas Prime Time
T-1st place: Fort Worth Rams
2nd place: Austin Headhunters
T-3rd place: Houston Storm
T-3rd place: Houston Titans
4th place: Houston Rage
5th place: Austin Turbo

August 14-15, 2004

2004 Summer Tournament - Bryan

1st place: Austin Headhunters
2nd place: McAllen Colors
3rd place: Houston Titans
4th place: McAllen Scatbacks
5th place: Dallas Prime Time

September 11-12, 2004

2004 Fall Classic - Houston

1st place: Houston Titans
2nd place: Houston All Madden
3rd place: Carrollton Free Agents
4th place: Houston Hurricanes

1st place: SFA Franchise
2nd place: Houston Fire and Ice
3rd place: Houston Arrows
4th place: Houston Storm

October 23-24, 2004

2004 Bayou City Bash -Houston

1st place: Fort Worth Rams
2nd place: New Orleans Hitmen
3rd place: McAllen Scatbacks
4th place: Houston Hurricanes
5th place: Houston All-Madden

December 4-5, 2004

2004 State Championship -Round Rock

A Champions: Fort Worth Rams
A Runner Up: Houston Sleepers
A Third Place: San Antonio Outlaws
B Champions: Richardson Dawgs
B Runner Up: Austin Turbo
B Third Place: Houston Storm