As the seasons have graduated, so have some coaches along the way. At, we wanted to make sure those coaches who stood out were honored and memorialized forever for all to see. After 12 seasons now of NFL youth flag football and well over 500 awesome coaches at this point, we wanted to make sure the the best of the best( 5% or fewer of total coaches) in one of three categories get recognized. Achievement, Sportsmanship, or dedication to youth are the three categories by which a coach could distinguish himself throughout their time at Texanflagfootball. Coaches can distinguish themselves in more than one category, but we will pick the one outstanding attribute that makes them a HALL OF FAMER!

C. J. Hopper - Dedication to youth

CJ Hopper has to be the first inductee ever. He was the inspiration to recognize coaches for all to remember. As a fifth grader, it was CJ that stepped up to coach a team in the K-2 division at a time when a coach was needed. CJ continued on to coach several seasons and served as inspiration to dads everywhere while not even in middle school yet.

Dean McCarley - Achievement

Dean's teams held better than a career 90% winning percentage. He was also the first coach to take a team to the NFL regional tournament in Dallas that all NFL youth participants are eligible for. He was 2 for 2 in taking teams to win regional tournaments and progress on to the finals or National tournament of teams in Florida.

Pat Varni - Sportsmanship

Another coach who could make the list in any category, but with Pat, sportsmanship leads the pack . Refs actually request to have Pat on their field.

John Setliff - Dedication to youth

John has coached every season of NFL youth. He is another coach that one has to pick between categories in which he most deserves. Winning teams and sportsmanship would have John on this list but his outstanding body of work propels him into being recognized as the total package for his truly outstanding dedication.

Allen Wienecke - Dedication to youth

Achievement could easily get Allen in but while coaching three of his boys at one time, he once volunteered and coached in yet another division that was in need of help. Truly remarkable.

Derek Frantz - Achievement

Derek's teams set the standard by which many teams often judge themselves in their division through the years. Winning games is a given when Derek is coaching.

Jimmy Elkins - Dedication to Youth

When coaches say that they just want their teams to have fun, no one exemplifies this more than Jimmy. His co-ed teams can often be seen doing the cha-cha-cha and other dances after games. Smiles abound on his teams regardless of scores.

James Kowalewski - Dedication to Youth

James has coached his little brother, referried, participated in adult division and coached plenty of youth in other divisions. Whatever was needed, James could be counted on to get it done and done right.

Sam Brady - Dedication to Youth

Sam is another of the three brother/coaching combos to represent excellence. Sam too has participated in the adult division while coaching his little brother with class and maturity not seen in many adults much less his young age.

Zach Baxter - Dedication to Youth

Zach is the third outstanding brother to coach his little brother and even so while participating in the adult division as a high schooler. Zach's enthusiasm was infectious amongst his teams.

Robert Sosnowski - Dedication to Youth

Rob often would register his son and/or daughter and just say give me whatever free agents are available. No matter which players were available to him, they were always well coached and performed well.

John Jackson - Achievement

Another coach with well over a 90% winning percentage. John's teams have been in the finals at the highest level every season.

Mike Wilson - Dedication to Youth

Mike would take free agents every season and compete in his divisions. Highly motivated and overachievers would be words refs would use to describes Mike's teams;a credit to the coach.

Scott Woods - Sportsmanship

Scott is another excellent example of multiple outstanding qualities in dedication to youth and sportsmanship. He involves his whole family in many aspects of the league to help bring about it's success in addition to superior sportsmanship. Truly a remarkable coach.

Michael Bice - Dedication to youth

Michael's teams of free agents are always highly organized and almost always win their bowl game. Its a progression of learning with Mike's teams.

Shannon Raven - Dedication to youth

Shannon is a coaches' coach. His passion is football. Shannon often coaches teams for family friends and others. Many request each season to get a spot on one of his teams.

Carlos Leon - Achievement

While coaching multiple sons of his at a time, Carlos' teams are always in the championship and built for winning.

David Braunreiter - Achievement

David is the first coach to organize and compete with an all female team in our league. They were organized and competitive in a male dominated division.

Scott Morrow - Dedication to Youth

Scott is a jack of all trades. His creative mind enables him to find a way to include all players. Any player with special needs, Scott would request on his team and find a way to get them in the end zone.

Pete Cole - Sportsmanship

Pete is a long time veteran of flag football and his players exemplified class and dignity while competing at a high level always. Pete was often recognized by opposing coaches for his sportsmanship.

George Marshall - Sportsmanship

George's praise of his own players and opposing teams constantly endears himself to everyone. A truly positive coach with just enough competitiveness mixed in to make every player that played for him proud.

Harold Barber - Dedication to youth

If the league ever needed something for the kids, Harold found a way to come through. If it benefited the kids, Harold was always first in line.

Mike Reilly - Sportsmanship

No coach cares more about the kids and the experience they are having than Mike.Constant communication with his team and opposing teams during games enabled him to coordinate the maximum amount of playing time while still being competitive for his team and the other team during game after game.

John Cassapo - Achievement

Another one of the select few coaches that can boast a better than 90% winning percentage in the league.Fewer than 10 coaches can ever match John recordwise.

Dru Hawkins - Achievement

Dru is yet another in a very small group of coaches with an amazing winning percentage of better than 90%. Even with kids younger than the division they played in, Dru consistantly did nothing other than win,win and win again.

Cody Hunter- Achievement

Cody's teams always compete and often win and do it with class and sportsmanship. His occasional barefoot coaching style definitely exudes an attitude conducive to what youth sports should be about.

Jason Hines - Sportsmanship

Jason just registers and says" give me a team". His outstanding sportsmanship is always evident.

Matt Fielder- Sportsmanship

Matt's game attitude amongst teams, players, opposing coaches, and refs is often noted. Matt is regarded a true class individual and fine example for others.

James Burger- Achievement

Although dedication to youth is another category that gets James in, it's his amazing winning percentage that is too hard to ignore. Whether is coaching his own kids or someone else's, James is a true winner.

Dr. Joel Alvear - Dedication to youth

There is no one person that does more to support the league and the kids. Whether its treating the minor injuries that occur, coaching, or sponsoring the league, Joel's influence with a servants attitude is most evident.

Ray Smith - Dedication to youth

Ray takes a team of free agents every season and creates a great experience for the kids. Ray's big smile spreads around the whole league.

Chris Rodarte- Achievement

Whether it's a free agent team or a team registered together, Chris' teams win and win again. Dedication to youth could have gotten Chris in also.

Ryan Reprogle- Dedication to youth

While still in high school, Ryan has gone from player to coach. Regardless of the situation, Ryan is always eager to help out and provides a great experience for the younger kids.

Thomas Sanchez- Sportsmanship

Although Thomas could go in to our hall for dedication to youth, his sportsmanship from himself and players clearly stands out.

John Remmers- Dedication to youth

Pressed into service unexpectedly, John has taken his coaching to high levels quickly. Sportsmanship and hard work abound.

Rob Varvaro - Achievement

Rob's teams are persistent, hard working winners. His teams are always disciplined and well coached.

Steve Price- Achievement

Steve's wild exuberance inspires his players each season and results in lots of wins. Steve could have easily gone in for dedication to youth as well.

Keith Hankins- Dedication to youth

Keith's teams are often comprised of free agents kids. Keith fosters them in to a positive, fun season each time. Incredible Sportsmanship is a staple on Keith's teams.

Eddie Cantu- Dedication to Youth

Although a huge Steelers fan, Eddie's teams each season walk away with a positive experience. Winning, sportsmanship, and lots of effort describe Eddie's influence on our league.

Kenny Priesmeyer- Dedication to Youth

Kenny is another coach that could have multiple categories of induction but its his inspiring and helping shape the pre-k and K division that most stands out.

Martin Leyendecker- Dedication to youth

Although a Saints fan, Martin has dawned a Texan's jersey in the league. This act alone exemplifies the attitude of Martin towards the league and it's kids. Whatever it takes, he will do to get it done for the sake of the kids. Give him a group of kids, and he will have them molded into and playing as a team.

Dwain Kennedy- Dedication to youth

Texanflagfootball is quite proud to have Dwain as a coach. He always puts kids first. Kids needing a team are always welcome on his teams and he often coaches multiple teams during a season.

Brian Pikkula- Sportsmanship

Brian is a coach that could be nominated in multiple categories but his sportsmanship stands out the most. Brian's teams are well coached and often reflect their leader's attitude on the field.

Dan Picazo- Dedication to youth

Dan's teams aren't known for a winning record but they are recognized for their players smiling and positive attitudes. There's an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment with Dan's teams and deserves recognition.

Colin Watson- Dedication to youth

Colin has coached multiple seasons under multiple circumstances. Most of the time, he just signs up to coach and says to just give him a team. He will take care of the rest.

Matthew Freeman- Achievement

Matthew becomes the 5th coach to be an older brother of a participant. Matthew has coached far beyond one season and done multiple seasons incorporating free agents into well run teams; all while in high school.

Barry Nicholson- Dedication to youth

There is no one that could exemplify more the highest standards of coaching youth than Barry. Barry registers as coach and takes all kids that register as individuals, plays them at almost every position, and molds a team out of them. The final result as having a seed planted for long term success in life.

Billy Granville- Achievement

Coach, sponsor, advocate. Billy has many roles that have led to seasons being successful events. Coaching 3 teams at one time for his 3 boys lands him in the elite category of our coaching hall of fame.

Nick Quattlebaum- Achievement

An elite winning percentage consistently against the highest competition in our league is rare. Nick has vaulted his teams to that pinnacle.

Rick Vandover- Dedication to youth

Rick goes into the hall of fame for his tireless work with his teams while Coaching anyone's kids he asked to. Sometimes he coaches multiple teams a season. No matter the circumstances, sportsmanship and a positive attitude are found during his games.